Race Information

General’s Cup Format Update

The Race Program Will Be As Follows 

Generals Cup E-sport Week 3

For this event we will begin the program on Saturday at 6:30PM EST.  Each racer will need to add the lobby host as a friend on Xbox live so they can join the lobby for their chance to qualify to the Main Event.  The host will also send an invite to each racer to assure they have their chance to get into the race lobby.

The racetrack for Saturday night will be released at 4:00PM EST on the Factory Mx Tournament Facebook page and also Brian Deegan’s Instagram.  This will give the racers 2 hours of practice time before the start of the night show program that begins at 6:30PM EST Saturday on the Deegan 38 Racing Twitch Channel.

To find this track racers will go to the time attack mode from the game menu.  Next you will want to go to select a track.  You will then hit the right bumper on your controller.  Select Newest from the online tracks screen.  Once newest tracks load press down on your analog stick (L).  This will bring up a search option where you will then type in the name of the track.

Saturday Race Schedule 

General’s Cup Week 3 - Night Show

Night show host will be: FMXT34 for all lobbies 

Heat #1 - 6:30PM EST (10 minutes)

Heat #2 - 6:55PM EST (10 Minutes)

LCQ - 7:20PM EST (5 minutes)

Main Event - 7:40PM EST (20 minutes)

In the generals cup racers must use a custom bike to compete, unless they are a pro rider that is featured in the game as a preset.  Example: Aaron Plessinger