Race Rules


Rules of Racing

COLLISIONS: Will be on. The racing will be competitive with rider collisions, there will be no intentional “takeouts.” We do encourage clean racing but will allow for “block passing”. If a rider overtaking for position block passes and makes contact with the rider being passed, the passing rider must have bars turned downward in the direction of the turn (T-Boning straight on WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! PERIOD!). If a rider complains of being taken out by a certain competitor, and they feel as if the rules were violated then we strongly suggest recording the racing incident (recording can be accomplished by pressing the big “X” on the center of your controller and then tapping X on the controls of your xbox controller, be sure to the recording length is adequate to capture the entire incident) so the admins can investigate the incident and make a decision on if punitive action should be taken or not. If the admins decide to take punitive action based on the severity of the indecent the following will apply.The punitive action may consist of:- Points being docked- Docked Positions- Disqualification

  • Probation (If a rider is placed on probation and the said rider repeats unsportsmanlike riding/racing to his/her competitors, then the rider could potentially be BANNED from the series)

LAPPED RIDERS: If a rider on the lead lap is coming to around to “lap” a slower rider and the lapped rider intentionally “crashes” the overtaking rider, then the lapped rider will automatically be banned from FMXT. NO EXCEPTIONS! The overtaking rider is highly encouraged to announce their presence to the lapped rider so the lapped rider is aware that they’re about to be overtaken and can move out of the way.

TRACK/RACING ETIQUETTE: We strongly encourage professional track and racing etiquette. We know it’s a “video game,” but in the world of E - Sports, we as a community want to see professionalism at each individual event. Meaning - be courteous to your competitors, we get it, life happens, if you have to pull over to take care of something and requires you to be “AFC” (away from controller), then we highly recommend pulling clearly out of the way from the main racing line. ( [ I.E ] on the back side of a triple face between the double landing of the triple or well out of the way on the start straight once the racing has started). If you fail to do so, it could result in punitive action.

COMMUNICATIONS: Each competitor must have a WORKING mic and MUST join the party when invited by lobby host. Please keep communications pertinent to the race.-No trash talking while racing-No yelling-Please be courteous and professional to your competitors. Communicate positioning (“I’m on your inside, I’m on your outside, I’m coming up on you to lap you, please move over”).

CONNECTION ISSUES: We are aware, in the world of “online gaming,” from time to time people can’t always connect or stay connected. We will do all we can if you have trouble connecting. For example - migrating hosts etc... if you disconnect during an event, we will restart the race up to two times when dealing with connectivity issues. Once the two restarts are attempted there will not be any other restarts. As long as it’s within the first 1 minute of the LQQ, the first 2 minutes of the Heat Race, and the first 3 minutes of the Main Event. (To avoid connectivity issues, hard reset your Xbox and unplug your router/modem for 30 seconds before each nightly event, that should help.)

Sign Ups:  If you sign up and cannot make the event you must message admin prior to 8:30PM EST and notify them you will not be racing.  Riders who sign up and do not show up will have punitive action taken on them.  After the first time it happens you will be placed on sign up probation.  If a second no show happens for that rider they will be BANNED from racing at FMXT.  There will be a zero tolerance policy applied to this rule.  No exceptions.

TRACK VOTING: The track will be pre determined for that weeks race and must be voted for prior to the start of each event.

WEATHER VOTING: The weather will be pre determined for that weeks race and must be voted for prior to the start of each race (weather will be determined prior to each event by the admin).

PHYSICS: Will be locked to advanced by the host before each event, NO EXCEPTIONS! We’re trying to simulate real Supercross conditions and there ain’t no rookies out on the track!

LAST but not LEAST: HAVE FUN! That’s why we’re all here, right? Is to have fun and possibly earn some cash while conducting close/tight racing.  Hope to see you all on the start gate!  Comments and questions welcome.